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Hotel Dryalos (3 stars) located in Milies, welcome you to Pelion, the land of the Centaurs and part with some of the most beautiful landscapes in Greece. Milies are from the city of Volos 28 km and is a traditional and beautiful village with a great history and many attractions.
In our traditional hotel we offer to our guests the famous Pelion hospitality and many amenities for a pleasant stay.

Guests of the hotel have the opportunity to enjoy the famous Pelion hospitality, along with many amenities that will add a touch of luxury to their holidays.

The hotel was built recently, following the architectural style of the mansions, but with ensuring the safety and functionality needed for comfort and enjoyment.

The location that hotel builded is really nice and offers unique views of the nature of Pelion. It is an ideal base for visitors wishing to tour and discover the villages of Pelion.

Watching from window or balcony, you see the blue Pagasitikos stretching to the horizon, while the lush surroundings, brings out the beauty in every hour of the day.

Milies are the "heart" of Pelion and have easy access to beautiful beaches, and to the ski Agriolefkes too. For this Dryalos hotel is the ideal base, offering the opportunity for tenants, to discover the beauties of the village and Pelion.

We are confident that our guests will be completely satisfied with the services of the Hotel Dryalos and holidays in Pelion will be unforgettable. We look forward to welcoming you to Pelion, and offer you our services.