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Pelion is a region of Greece that enchants with the first look. In the beautiful landscapes of the traditional villages built on the slopes overlooking the Pagasitikos Gulf and the Aegean sea. Almost between Athens and Thessaloniki Pelium is the perfect place for holidays with calm and relaxation, for exploring the magnificent scenery through traveling routes together with the intoxicating scents of aroma
tic plants of fertile land. The warm and genuine hospitality to travelers creates a sense of familiarity and security.

Pelion is inextricably linked to mythology, ancient and modern Greek history, monuments and landmarks indicate the significant presence during ages. Resort of the gods in the myth, here lived and taught the wise centaur Chiron, and from here sailed the Argo with Jason and the
Argonauts, to win the Golden Fleece far in Colchis.

Visitors will discover the magical beauty of all seasons which given generously to local as nature paints the landscape in tunes of

flowing waters, into the singing of the bird, into diversity of flowers, the deep green and blue mountain and sea.

On Apples village of Pelion and the direction of the old train station with the legendary train of Pelion the <steam train> project engineer Evaristo de Chirico father of the famous painter, stands the traditional hotel Dryalos overlooking the waters of the Gulf Pagasitikos.

The hotel Dryalos is the ideal destination residence with beautiful indoor and outdoor comfort, quality, and panoramic view.