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Pelion is the ideal holiday destination in Greece, all year round. It is one of the places offering landscapes and images for each season in Pelion each season brings with its own colors and flavors and gives it its distinct beauty.

Each year the Pelion attracts many visitors from around the world who choose this beautiful corner of Greece for a relaxing vacation and enjoy the beautiful Pelion nature.

For those seeking tranquility and relaxation Pelion is an ideal choice as you will find villages beautiful and quiet away from the noise of the city.

For lovers of adventure and action, Pelion offers activities and sports, where visitors can participate like as ski, mountain biking, trekking, water sports etc.

In Pelion you will find many sights worth visiting such as Byzantine churches, ancient monasteries, museums and mansions, which will take you to the old and glorious days of Pelion.

On the coast of Pelion bordering the azure waters of the Aegean and Pagasitikos you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, where you can enjoy summer moments of  refreshing and fun.

Whatever type of holiday you are looking at Pelion it’s sure that you will be completely satisfied. Whether traveling and exploring the villages, with friends or family, or relaxing in the cool waters of a beach in Pelion live unique experiences of pleasure and enjoyment. Besides, it is known that Pelion was the favorite place of the gods for their holidays and rest.

So you would agree with the gods and you will find that their choice was wise. Walking through the villages and overlooking the countryside, will return again and again to favorite and beautiful places.